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The non-profit organization “Fenix” organizes each year occasion in the village of Golyam Izvor, municipality of Samuil for commemorating the International Day of Roma people. In 2016 a discussion forum was organized.


The event was organized and financed by the non-profit organization “Fenix” and the cultural centre “Napredak 1896” of Golyam Izvor.

Moderator of the discussion forum was Mariyan Boyanov – chairman of the board of the cultural centre and student in University of Russe “Angel Kanchev”, branch of Razgrad. Guests of the event were Svetlin Stanchev from District Administration of Razgrad, Ognyan Stanchev – expert in the field of the social policy and integration and the mayor of the village Bahdishen Kyoftedzhi. The participants in the forum had greeting message from the Governor of Razgrad Manol Kivshanov. The residents of the village had the opportunity to express their problems and ideas about the development of the village. Mr. Stanchev announced that laptop will be provided to Mr. Boyanov as an award for his excellent marks achieved during the last semester and for the active work for the activities of the cultural centre in the village of Golyam Izvor.


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